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AHSS GRADUATES – want to MAKE AN IMPACT ON THE NEXT GENERATION? Graduation ceremony in a packed Sir William Whitla Hall at Queen's

30 November 2020

Helping the next generation make important life decisions is one of the greatest gifts that Queen's alumni can give.

Sharing the experiences from your journey could be just the ticket to inspire others making significant decisions about courses and careers. Whether an excited seventeen-year-old exploring the right degree or a final year student pondering their future, your input can have a profound impact in shaping someone’s path.

Graduates from the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) at Queen’s have embarked on a vast array of diverse careers paths, both locally and internationally, and this represents a huge bank of talent, knowledge and experience that others can benefit from.

The Faculty consists of:

  • School of Arts, English and Languages 
  • School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics       
  • School of Law
  • School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work           
  • Queen's Management School      
  • The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice
  • The William J Clinton Leadership Institute
  • The Institute of Professional Legal Studies
  • Institute of Irish Studies

We want to know about you and your career because young people and students – the next generation – tell us that they want to hear more about individuals after they graduated from a course.

Here are three ways graduates from all AHSS degrees and subjects can get involved:

1. Take part in a career profile

Tell your story and make an impact on the next generation.

We have opportunities to join online discussions at our open days, take part in a short film, or simply be a case study or a testimonial that we can use in presentations and/or promotional materials.

Students consistently tell us that they want to hear from graduates of the course they are considering or currently studying. Take part in a career profile and give others a glimpse into the possibilities after graduating from Queen’s.

2. Volunteer to be a mentor

Mentoring is a very rewarding experience that help students gain insight into career options.

Part of a student support framework, mentoring involves sharing your knowledge, skills, and experience to help a future graduate on their journey. The AHSS Alumni Mentoring Program encourages participants to meet (online) with students at least five times during the academic year and is focussed on personal development rather than academic guidance or career advice.

3. Get involved in networking/internship opportunities

Queen’s runs various networking events and virtual seminars to encourage network opportunities for our students.

These are a great way to answer questions that students might have about their career path. Alternatively, your company or organisation may be able to offer an internship (paid or unpaid) or a work placement opportunity.

If you would be willing to take part in a short career profile or get involved by providing an internship or networking, then please complete this short form or email

For general enquiries about this story, or to submit items of graduate news, please contact Gerry Power, Communications Officer, Development and Alumni Relations Office, Queen's University Belfast. 

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