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13 September 2018

Queen’s is asking the Class of 2018 to ‘sign up’ to receive email communications. 

New rules which oversee how organisations like Queen’s contact people by email have impacted on how graduates hear from the University. For all the latest news and research breakthroughs, details of alumni events and class reunions - and much, much more from the University - you need to say “YES!”.

Speaking about the recent changes, Ian Moore, Head of Alumni and Supporter Engagement in Queen’s Development and Alumni Relations Office, said: “At graduation, alumni of the University automatically become a lifelong part of an inspirational global network of over 190,000 former students.

"And to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we ask graduates who have not already done so, to confirm that they want to keep their University experience alive by getting in touch to stay in contact and be an inspiration to future generations of Queen’s students.

"The new rules have been described as a ‘cultural shift’. They help strengthen citizens’ rights in the digital age. We want Queen’s graduates to give us their consent so that they don’t miss out on receiving the latest news, event invitations and career support from their alma mater.” 


Those graduates of the Class of 2018 wishing to continue being part of the Queen’s community can keep in touch by receiving regular electronic correspondence from Queen’s, by clicking here.


By confirming/registering a personal email address with Queen’s Development and Alumni Relations Office graduates will:

  • Receive a copy of the eGraduate The ezine is sent on the first Tuesday of each month to keep Queen’s alumni informed about the latest University research and fundraising initiatives, graduate volunteering opportunities, achievements of fellow alumni and current students, and the range of exclusive opportunities – such as reunions, events around the world and alumni discount offers – which are available to them
  • Receive invitations to events on-campus and around the world, and to class reunions
  • Find out about further courses at Queen’s
  • Discover volunteering opportunities to keep involved with University life
  • Hear about fundraising activities and the impact philanthropy has on current students, priority University projects and research 
  • Be advised of the latest exclusive alumni discount offers


The Class of 2018 – and indeed graduates of any year – can ‘opt in’ at any time, to make sure that they don’t lose out on the privileges they are entitled to. And you can choose what subjects you do and don't want to hear about! For example, you might decide you only want to hear about forthcoming events. 

Mr Moore added: “Graduates can amend their information by emailing DARO ( Alternatively, they can view and amend their own information and preferences by joining Queen’s Alumni Online – our virtual graduate community – including how they receive news from the University.”


Graduates (of any year) who have not yet signed up to Queen’s Alumni Online can do so here.


All alumni data is held securely by the Development and Alumni Relations Office and will not be shared with third parties unless they are undertaking agreed work on behalf of the University. See our full Data Protection Promise for more information.

General enquiries to Gerry Power, Communications Officer, Development and Alumni Relations Office, tel: +44 (0)28 9097 5321.


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