Development & Alumni Relations Office 

 Alumni Data Request Form


The Development and Alumni Relations Office maintains the master repository of alumni data which is regularly updated.

To request data for your School / Department please follow the steps below: 

      1.   Telephone Maureen Crane (ext 5241) or Paul Hawthorne (ext 2588) to discuss your data request.

      2.   Complete the eForm below.  

      3.   Please note that data should not be stored for more than 3 months before use (we are 
            happy to provide a data update at any point to ensure is the information you are using is

      4.   It is important that you provide feedback on any alumni data updates that you obtain
           (i.e. Name / address / email /
telephone or deceased alumni changes etc.)  This will 
           help u
s to maintain accurate records and ensure that we provide you with good data 
           in the future.

      5.  Do not create independent alumni databases from the data provided. Creating two 
           separate data stores leads to inaccurate data, unnecessary duplication of  workload and
           could make you legally liable under the Data Protection Act.

During busy periods we operate a queue system where data requested will be processed on a
first-come first-served basis within a 10 working days OLA. 

If you are planning to contact your alumni we can help you. We can advise on successful
past activities and the best way to proceed in order to reduce costs and maximise responses.    
We can also provide advice on how best to analyse your results.




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