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27 July 2017

A 1967 Queen’s Modern Languages and Education graduate, Nick Newbery, who spent 30 years in northern Canada has donated his entire photo collection – much taken with at-risk aboriginal youth – to the Government of Nunavut. And that’s after he gifted a number of rare photos of The Beatles to PRONI – the Public Records Office in Northern Ireland.

Speaking to Queen’s University about his Canadian collection, Nick said: “After 30 years in The North, and 3 coffee table books later, I decided to give my photo collection to the Government of Nunavut, by way of thanks to the Inuit for letting me take their photos over so many years.”

North of 60

Over three decades when Nick lived and worked in several small Nunavut communities he photographed as much of Inuit life as possible, travelling broadly in the territory.

Nick’s published work, which can be viewed at, includes poetry, media articles, posters, calendars, postcards, a film, many teacher resource manuals and three coffee table books.

Present at many historic northern events, Nick was the government photographer at the creation of Nunavut in 1999. He now teaches a northern studies course at Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax and runs a programme which allows some of his students to do part of their teaching practice in a Nunavut school as an orientation experience prior to applying on a job North of 60.

Fab Four

Four photos of The Beatles taken by Surrey-born Nick in 1964, who was a first-year student at Queen's University at the time, have been donated to the Public Records Office in Northern Ireland.

The Fab Four performed two shows at the King's Hall, on 2 November 1964, in front of more than 16,000 screaming fans.

“I had only been in Belfast a week or so in the fall of 1964 as a new Arts undergraduate and the only student I knew was the head of the photography club. That October the University was invited to cover The Beatles concert in the King’s Hall. My photography friend didn’t like their music so he invited me to take his place!

“I didn’t like The Beatles’ music much either (!) but a free ticket is a free ticket, so off I went. Unbeknown to me The Gown crew managed to get an interview with the Fab Four behind stage before the performance began, which is now in the University archives.

“The group was performing before a crowd of 16,000 people and I Want to hold your hand brought deafening cheers. I leaned on the edge of the stage and shot the pictures from about six feet away from John and Paul. George and Ringo were about another 3-4 feet back.

“I had no photographic training; I simply had a camera and a roll of film. So I shot 4 pictures (just 4!) and then sat out the show. The next day I offered the pictures to The Gown for their next publication – but they were rejected!”

Nick’s four black and white photos were donated to PRONI, where a technician did an amalgam of two of the pictures an amalgam of two of them to show all four together in a group shot.

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- The Beatles photo credit: Nick Newbery/PRONI

- The Inuit pictures are jointly owned and the credit should read Nick Newbery/Govt. of Nunavut. The copyright has been lifted so anyone can make copies of any pictures.



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