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Dorothy Wilson (died January 2005)
 (Obituary and appreciation by John M Gorman)

Dr Dorothy Wilson, MB 1946, died in January 2005, aged 83 years. After qualification she worked in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast before going to England to work in hospital and general practice. She then took an opportunity to go to the University Hospital in Jamaica which was an interesting experience.

Dorothy returned to Queen’s to study for a DPH. Then, as a doctor in the Colonial Medical Service, she went back to Jamaica to look after public health in Montego Bay. There were also other posts in the West Indies and Hong Kong. This mix of medicine, travel (such as climbing to see Machu Picchu) plus meeting a wide range of people, gave her great pleasure.

Because of her mother’s health, Dorothy came home and became a key member of the family and a loving and practical aunt and great-aunt. She was also at the centre of a wide circle of good friends. Dorothy continued to practice medicine until her retirement.



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