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Ivo John Carré, Professor of Child Health at Queen’s University (1963-1984) and subsequently Emeritus Professor, died 16 December 2007.

(Full obituaries/appreciations by Desmond Creery and John A Dodge can be found on the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) websites).

Ivo John Carré was born in Guernsey in the Channel Islands on 20 June 1920 and received his primary and secondary schooling on the island. He studied medicine at Emmanuel College, Cambridge and received his early training in paediatrics in London and Birmingham. He later spent time in teaching and research in Melbourne, Australia and in Ibadan, Nigeria.

In 1956 he became senior lecturer in child health in Belfast, and succeeded to the Nuffield chair in that department in 1963. Professor Carré had a distinguished career in paediatrics, and was known internationally for his pioneering clinical studies in the 1950s and ’60s of children with hiatus hernia and gastro-oesophageal reflux.

During his time in Belfast, he regularly spent family holidays in the west of Ireland, fishing and painting. After retiring he returned to Guernsey to maintain his 15th century family farmhouse and to research the Carré family history.
He is survived by his wife, Pamela; his son and daughter, Philip and Claire; and four grandchildren.


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