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Queen’s School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences is an international School providing a basis for excellence in education and research and for compassion in quality patient care. By offering first-class training in a challenging and supportive learning environment, the School delivers life-changing experiences for students and has been a major cornerstone of the University since its foundation.

Improving outcomes for patients is central to our bench to bedside research programmes. Medical students who include a research element in their degree develop a better understanding of the underlying causes of diseases and innovative patient treatments. 

Queen's Medical Fund

By supporting the Queen’s Medical Fund, you will enable medical students both to undertake summer studentships in our leading research centres and to consider taking an intercalated degree. An intercalated degree involves an extra year of study, focused on research when students explore in depth an area of biomedical or clinical science, leading to a BSc in addition to their medical degree.
These programmes range from bench research in cancer, immune diseases and diabetes through to projects focused on innovative ways to deliver medical education.

The Queen's Medical Fund also provides extra financial assistance for medical students who need help with unexpected travel costs or excessive housing costs.  This can be vital to ensure students go on to complete their studies.

Many of our students will go on to pursue a successful career in academic medicine, expanding their understanding and ability to save lives. What better way to recognise what Queen’s means to you than by helping students in this way?

Professor Stuart Elborn

Dean of School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences

"To harness the energy of our highly committed medical students we have developed a programme of summer studentships to encourage them to consider undertaking an intercalated degree in research or education.
These programmes range from bench research in world leading laboratories in cancer, immune diseases and diabetes through to global health opportunities."


Helen Monaghan

2nd year Human Biology Student

Applying as a first year student, I had no idea how much those eight weeks would shape my subsequent university career and the aspirations which followed.
The project I was involved in was ideal to hone and develop essential laboratory skills in working environment under the guidance of professionals."


Dr Denise Fitzgerald

Centre for Infection and Immunity

Summer students within the Centre for Infection and Immunity have the opportunity to carry out research in world leading laboratories That are developing new ways to treat inflammatory, infectious and autoimmune diseases.
We have been privileged to have excellent students committed to learning more about research and many use the summer studentship as a first step in their career in clinical academic medicine."


Jennifer Ferris

PhD Student

"I was fully aware when applying that the studentship would offer me priceless experience working in cancer research, and would lay the foundations for applying for future careers or postgraduate studies.
But what I didn't know was how much I would enjoy it! I loved the experience so much, that I was adamant that a career in academic research was for me, so I'm now doing a PhD studentship in the same Centre."


Medical Fund

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