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Rt Hon Sir Donald Bruce Murray (died on 20 February 2018)

Obituary kindly provided by Donald's daughter, Rosalind

He studied law at Queen's University in the 1940s and was called to the English Bar in 1945. He spent several years as a legislative draftsman at Stormont and also some time as an assistant law lecturer at Queen's before being called to the Northern Ireland Bar in 1953.

He was appointed to the High Court in 1975, knighted in 1988 and appointed to the Court of Appeal and made a member of the Privy Council in 1989.

In 1996 Sir Donald was awarded an honorary degree by Queen's for distinction in law and services to the university.

He is survived by his son, Adrian, his daughter, Rosalind, his granddaughter, Olivia, and his sister, Moyna, herself a graduate of Queen's University.

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