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I warmly welcome you to Queen's Convocation web page, where you will find information clarifying what Convocation is, how it operates and its role in the life of the University.

The authority of Convocation - which is the entire Queen's University graduate body, certain categories of staff and members of Senate - is delegated to the Standing Committee of Convocation, which is dependant upon its members volunteering to participate in its activities.

Any member of Convocation interested in the workings of Standing Committee or of Convocation, can obtain further information from the Clerk of Convocation at the address below or by e-mail

If you have any questions about Convocation please feel free to contact me through the Clerk.

Yours sincerely

Carol Kinkead


Membership of Standing Committee of Convocation 2016

Carol Kinkead (Chair)
J. Patton Taylor (Deputy Chair)
Carolyn Forster
Dr Murray Power
David McKillen
Ciaran Gallagher
Brian Roulston
To be determined
In attendance
Meaghan Lyons (Clerk)

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