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Mahboob Ali Joomye, BSc (died 20 February 2021, age 85)


Obituary provided by Mahboob’s wife Khateejah


Mahboob Ali JOOMYE of Mauritius passed away on 20th February 2021 at the age of 85. He graduated in Zoology at Queen’s University in 1962. In addition, he took courses there in Intermediate Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Physiology and Psychology.


He also held a Certificate in Education from Macquarie University and a Fellowship for School Principals from International Training Institute, both of Sydney, Australia.


He has for years taught Biology and worked as Principal in several state colleges and retired as a Deputy Rector at the John Kennedy College, Mauritius.


He was also known as Jimmy (from his family name) both in Belfast and Sydney.


He was much loved by his family, colleagues & friends.


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