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Robert Ferguson MB BCh BAO, 1959  (died on 10th February 2010 at Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA)

(Obituary by  J. Stephen Garvin (MB 1959) 

Bob left the family farm in Fermanagh to join the Royal Navy in 1943.  As soon as he was old enough he applied to join the Fleet Air Arm as a pilot.  He trained in Canada and spent the last few months of the war flying fighter aircraft from carriers in the Pacific.  

After the war he took a degree in geology at Trinity College, Dublin and worked for several years on the copper mines of Northern Rhodesia.   He became interested in a career in medicine and saved enough money to put himself through medical school.  

After graduating from Queen’s he worked at Belfast City Hospital and at the South Tyrone Hospital in Dungannon.  He then moved to Boston, USA, where he served on the staff of the Veterans Administration Hospital and later the Northeastern University Student Health Service.

Members of the class of 1959 will have fond memories of Bob's lively participation in all student activities at Queen's.   His extra maturity and experience enriched the lives of his fellow students and his unwavering principles set an example for others to follow.  

He is survived by his wife Esther.



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