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Nicholas English (died on 30 December 2016)


Nick was born in East London on 14 January 1983 and grew up in Upminster, Essex. He spent his formative years at Coopers' Company and Coborn School (Upminster) and Campion School (Hornchurch, Essex) and graduated from Queen's University Belfast with a BA in English Literature and Film Studies in 2004.


Nick was a popular and charismatic figure at Queen's. With a passion for travel, photography and West Ham United (his local football club), he was creative and adventurous. He excelled at networking, and as a one-time Deputy Editor of The Gown student newspaper, was a well-known figure within the University's Students' Union.


Nick returned to Upminster after graduation, first working at Hagemeyer UK in a logistics and planning role, before moving to the global logistics company Maersk, in August 2006. Working initially as a client coordinator, and then as a project analyst, Nick developed a robust understanding of commercial logistics, company management and business process.


In November 2010, Nick transferred to the Maersk-linked logistics company Damco and thereafter moved to North London. Working first as a business improvement coordinator, and then as an operations analyst at Heathrow, his career was accelerating. In January 2013 he became a Damco global implementation manager. A tough and demanding role which necessitated constant travel, Nick worked for weeks at a time in cities such as Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shenzhen.


In February 2014, Nick became a project manager in Copenhagen (Denmark) before moving to Rotterdam (the Netherlands) in September 2015, to join Jade Software Corporation as an implementation consultant.


Resilient and driven, Nick was able to adapt to any situation. He sought challenge and was a skilful and humorous raconteur with a wide and varied social circle. With an adventurous personality, a quick wit, and a wide range of interests of which travel (including to the likes of India, Chile, New Zealand and Southeast Asia) surpassed all. He was a spirited and well-liked figure both at Queen's, and in his career as an analyst, manager and consultant.

Nick died of natural causes, (Epilepsy SUDEP) at the age of 33. He leaves behind his mother, Philomena, sister, Laura, and his wider family and friendship circle.


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